Anime Corner :)

I'm a fan of anime since I was a kid. I've always been watching anime in TV and recently in DVD and internet. Although I stopped watching anime when I got high school, anime is still in me, it might not be very obvious but I'm fond of watching anime especially when I do not have anything to do. Basically my study is my priority and so anime became my boredom killer. But since it's Christmas break, I can watch anime everyday which is one of my favorite past time these days :D

So I made a page where I can share to you what anime I have watched and enjoyed with. I'll be posting there a synopsis of the anime and a link to where you can watch and download the complete episodes. To view the page I'm talking about, you would find it at the right side of my page before my profile information, it's entitled "anime corner"

 So I think this is for now, I hope you would enjoy and have a good night everyone! :)

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5 days to go! advance Merry Christmas! :)


  1. Cute image. xoxo

  2. Hi! :) thank you for dropping by! advance merry christmas! :) xoxo


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