Trip trip.

The trip in Tamabacan xD which I mentioned yesterday was successful. The whole class together with the other sections went and gave the gifts we each brought. The gifts were actually food and I got mine from our refrigerator LOL I did not have much time to buy so I rushed, getting any food I can get from the ref. Luckily there were some biscuits left and a C2 drink which I do not know who owns it. 

Going to Tambacan, we went through the hanging bridge which I think is the highlight of the trip LOL Some got scared, some were dizzy right after making it up to the other end (just like me) and some were plainly walking like they're used to that place, passing through the bridge day by day haha... they haven't got any reaction.. well, good for them. 

The usual hanging bridge I always think of is that of the scene in CLTCL, which is the exact opposite of what's here in Iligan, both in Tambacan and Bayug. Deteriorating bridge, mud-like color water and dirty surrounding makes up the whole view, how pretty -.- pity I mean xD The government should act on this matter. 

A few distance from the bride lies the Badjao Community. There were around 500 families living in the community, according to our teacher. They do not have their own houses to stay, they shift with the other families on whoever will be going to the city to beg for money and food, that's how they live everyday.

Bear with me, but I just a few comments to say. I just do not understand why do they have to beg everyday when they still even have the strength to work in a legal and proper way, not by just begging. They even use their children to caught people's emotion, get pity to the child and then giving them money or food. Wise enough to work but they do not. They do not like to work, they like living not by breaking any sweat but by begging for others food and money. Off course they cannot work like what we can because they do not have any education, but what I mean is that they can work in a lot of ways like selling rugs or candies along the highway, there's a lot of things that they can do to earn a living. I give money and food to those who really deserve to. There's this one time outside the Birds Theatre Mall, I was with Lady and Loysa and we were waiting for our other group mates to buy ingredients for our Banquet class. There was a man, he's a badjao and he was going towards us, walking with a stick as if he's too weak to walk by himself, looking very needy, begging for money. We said no, no, no and then he uttered words we cannot understand, he was mocking us and then he walked straightly and angrily right after we declined to give him any money. It was then I realized that they were plainly acting to get people's emotion. I'm not a hater or I have anything against them but I just do not like how they do things like that -.-


  1. limited lang ang access nato sa ila arun dili makita ang ilang 'mini theater', ongoing online job, ug casino. xDD haha

  2. lageh. haha.. soxal, naay tv.. kmi gni wala. haha


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