Nom! Nom! :3

Few more days to go and theeeeeeeeeeeeeeen it's Christmas break! :) weeeeeeeee! I miss hanging out at home, watching movies while eating some snacks, walking around on fog and sleeping in a cold weather. A few more days after Christmas and then 2012 comes! Meet and greet 2012 is fast approaching. I wonder how's me next year. I just hope I could eliminate the laziness in me and start to be a hardworking student!. LOL I just think it's very impossible but I'm still hoping, maybe one day :) haha

Today is Fridaaaay! :) The long week is over and so hello tomorrow Saturday! No classes! but we have a field trip on Tambacan xD for our Anthropology subject. We would observe how the badjao live, how they survive daily by just begging, etc. We would also give little presents for them since it's the season of giving. Maybe used clothes or some food. I'll be posting the details about this tomorrow after the trip :)

Moving on! :) Since the class ended early and then I do not have any other appointments to attend, I got really stuck in here. With nothing to do, just plain internet, sleep and yeah! EAT <3 Thanks to him for giving this chocolate! :3

Chuckie courtesy of my cousin :) haaaaay! Season of giving! haha yeaaaaaaaah! I'm the beneficiary! Take note! It's better to give than to receive! but for me who doesn't have anything to give! bear with me! I do not have anything to give back. haha receive receive receive.... it's not good to decline anything given by others, especially food so thaaaaaaaaaaaank you! haha

Both chocolate flavor! I just hope I would not get sick for eating too much sweets! I often get tonsillitis, even without eating any very cold or very sweet food. I eat much but I do not get big, I just gain fat.. in my stomach -.- 

I have somewhere else to go now so I think it'll be until this. I hope you had a great day readers! byeeee! :)


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