Hey! Day dreamer...

At last... I've tasted the Cornetto Disc last night. If it wasn't for my sister who bought one for me I wouldn't be able to taste it myself or it would be 2012 till I could buy one. It was good! :) but for me the usual Cornetto was better. I did not like the disc, its hassle to eat and the ice cream itself is not delicious enough, for me. The disc was the highlight of the ice cream. Overall it was good, but the old one is better.

The cornetto was our main purpose. It was my sister who was depressed and invited us to have a break and eat something ; we decided to try the Cornetto Disc. It was fine but the great part of it was the vain-ity. It was Miru's idea to take a picture, she wanted to have a remembrance of the first cornetto disc she ate. She find it really good and I really do not know why. I guess I should try the Vanilla Flavor maybe it would change my impression :)


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  2. Hi.. I followed your blog, I even made an entry for the giveaway you posted...I hope I would get the item :)

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