Bonding with his Mom :D

After the burial, we decided to go to the mall to eat and then to withdraw money in Cebuana. His mom went around 12 and we met at Chowking. Since she already had her lunch, only the two of us ate. After that, we helped his mom decide to what phone will she buy. It took a lot of time since we were really looking for something to fit her. I forgot what model did she buy, but I'm pretty sure it was Nokia and it was a new released phone. Around seven to eight thousand pesos. Well, it was really nice. It's wifi accessible, has 3.2 megapixel cam and can be stored with lot of applications. The big ting which really attracted her to buy the phone was the angry bird sticker in the phone. She love angry bird that's why that phone was the first thing she noticed in that store. And yeah, it already had the Angry Bird installed. 

Yes it was only for a short time but then I had a great time :) I got to know his mother more and I think she's nice, very opposite to what he said to me before :P haha..

I think this is it for now.. Good night readers! xo! :*


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