We love you Maam Badette! :)

One of the saddest thing this Christmas aside from the tragedy brought by typhoon is the death of our beloved High School teacher Maam Badette :c She passed away due to diabetes. My high school friends and I went this morning to her mass at the Cathdral and her burial at Palao Cemetery. We saw our former teachers and some familiar faces way back in high school. Maam Badette was a very generous and kind person. Yes, we imitate and made fun of her before and I think that's normal, we were still kids back then. But despite of that, from the bottom of our hearts, we all love and respect her. We will surely miss her ... :( 

The last moments before she was buried were very tearjerker. How her daughter and husband cried and said their last words to her were very touching. I promised myself not to cry and yeah, I made it. I didn't had the courage to look at them while saying their last messages to Maam Badette, I could not hold myself back there if I did. 

I know God will take care of Maam Badette. We're all at ease now. So instead of frowning, I know we should be all happy now because she's now with God. Her memories will last in the hearts of the people she encountered, helped and taught like us. We love you Maam Badette! :)


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