New Year's Eve.

Hello there! :D how was your day?  well as for me it was great! :) We actually had a late Christmas shopping at SM, we usually do it every year but now it's a bit late. We consumed all the gift certificates we had. I was with my Mom and sister. We actually did not prefer to have our dad and brother with us because shopping is a girl thing and they would only make us in a hurry for sure! so that's why they were left at home :P  Carrying the consequence of not having our father with us, we had to commute! which I do not really like -.- 

We'll be cooking some food now since we were not able to do it this morning. I think we would cancel a lot of food that we were planning to prepare since we're on the last hours of 2011 and we also wanted to have a bit rest because we got tired especially on looking for my father and brother's clothing. So I got mine with a cheap price. My sister bought her new phone so she did not asked for any clothes or anything else.

A few more ours from now and then its 2012! :D New Year new hope! :) I just hope 2012 will be better than 2011. gtg! :D


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