Just finished watching CLTCL again on ABS-CBN. Although I watched late, I still got the same feeling when I first saw the movie. Mario Maurer is just very stunning! same with Baifern who's very pretty all throughout the movie even on those scenes where she portrays the "ugly girl". While watching the movie, I got.. like I got the connection because Mario Maurer is in the Philippines and I felt like he's really near :D haha.. He came from Thailand, that's really far and now he's in the country, he's getting nearer! though he's never gonna be here in Iligan or in our house, just in my dreams! (yeah i know). I was just thinking how about Baifern coming her in the country, it would be very nice.. and then instead of Mario and Erich having a movie together, why not Baifern and Mario? still under star cinema.. A lot of people would really watch that movie than a movie of Erich and Mario. I'm not saying I do not like Erich, I like her but not that much :D haha, I'm just saying that people loved Mario because of the CLTCL, the team up of Mario and Fern is just so amazing and that is what Mario's fans and Fern's fans here in the Philippines want. Just like me, i'm a fan of them, an avid fan actually, i want them together, I want to see them together, maybe not as a real life couple (because we cannot sue them if they'll not be :D) but at least i want or we want to see them on screen here in the Philippines,right? How about that? :D

Here's a couple of screen shots of the movie.. To those who do not still saw the movie, here's a glimpse! :)

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