Can't wait for tomorrow :D

Sembreak is until Wednesday, that's nov.2 and the next day is our enrollment for the 2nd semester for this school year. We haven't seen each other since the sembreak started, seven days to be exact. I miss him so much and I know he feel the same way on me too, I even think he miss me so much more than I do. We've been textingand chatting each other on facebook for the last seven days and I say we really need time with each other. In the last seven days, I've never been out of our house' premise and its like i'm in jail. On the other hand, he also feel the same way as I do but at least he go out and hang out with his friends most often. He still has a life while me, I don't think I have one in here. First thing in the morning when I wake up I do house chores until 10 am (estimated time) and then when the clock strikes 11, I cook and prepare the food, at 1 pm I wash dishes right after we finish eating and then I rest for a while and off to bed! I sleep one hour a day in the afternoon and then I take a snack and surf the net.. and yeah, I have a routine life here and I don't like living with this for the rest of the sembreak.

And so I decided to break free myself for just a moment of tomorrow. I'm gonna meet him, finally! :D I'm really excited to see him again... So I guess I'm gonna sleep now and wait till the sun rise and then I'll meet him tomorrow around 10 am to be exact! :D Good night felaz!


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