Hong Kong City Tour

Happy New Year guys! I can't believe how 2018 flew so fast! 2018 was very eventful for me. A mix of bad and good memories. But I choose to only live with the good ones and try to forget the bad things that happened to me last year. Anyway, I'm gonna make a separate 2018 roundup post on the next few days. For now...

We'll continue our 4th day in Hong Kong! Our last day in Hong Kong was spent touring around famous spots in the city. We did not have a specific itinerary, we just went to random things we see over the internet. Here's our whole itinerary for the day:

Hong Kong Day 4:
📍 Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
📍 Hong Kong Cultural Centre
📍 Victoria Harbour
📍 Nan Lian Garden
📍 Montane Mansion
📍 Night Market

Our first stop for the day was Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. This was the nearest place from where we stay.  If you love to learn the country's history and culture, then this is the place to go.

Near Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre is the Hong Kong Cultural Center where we witnessed a surprisingly interesting play. Honestly, we didn't understand the story and the overall play but we were amazed by their showmanship and passion for their culture and history.

I also love the architectural structure of the Hong Kong Cultural Center building. It was exactly where Bambam of Got7 shoot his part in their You Are music video. Other members like JB and Jinyoung also shot some clips at Victoria Harbour. I was so ecstatic to be able to be in the same place they've been!

Just outside the Cultural Center was the beautiful view of Victoria Harbour. How I wish we had this amazing view here in the Philippines too. It was very calming, relaxing, and breathtaking. It was quite windy and cold but hey, the cold never bothered me anyway! :)

Next stop was Nan Lian Gardens. It was the next near location from Victoria Harbour. Literally located in the middle of sky-high buildings and infrastructures, Nan Lian Gardens is definitely a blissful spot to relax, enjoy nature and Hong Kong's striking culture. This was an amazing spot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. No entrance fee plus there are a lot of places to go, take photos, learn Hong Kong's rich culture and relax with nature.

This place is literally a must visit in Hong Kong. Walking around it feels like a trip to the past. Also, I was amazed by the striking contrast of the traditional and modern architecture of Hong Kong. How were they able to preserve this amazing place at the center if the city? Mind-Blowing!

Next stop was not anywhere near Nan Lian Gardens. It was a spontaneous decision after seeing Christian Leblanc's IG post. So, we went right away to Montane Mansion. It isn't exactly a tourist spot but it has become famous after it was used as a location for the Transformers movie (Age of Extinction to be precise). In fact, there were quite a number of people trying to get the perfect Instagram shot like we do! But, well... we tried :D

Last stop after a whole day of walking around Hong Kong, we ended our day walking around the night market eating food, buying souvenirs, and just buying stuff. It was sooo tiring. My feet literally were about to give up!

The face of a happy kid getting his 2nd round of food! :D

And that my friends was how we ended our last day in Hong Kong. It was another day of torture to my feet. I decided to get myself a good pair of shoes so I can hold up much longer walking all day like how our trip went. I got it for only 2k! Quite a huge deal I must say. I don't really buy expensive things for myself but I thought I had to invest in something that can give me comfort and would last for a long time.

Anyway, if you're curious how we went over these places, we simply walk around the streets, crossed subways, and rode the train. It was tiring, yes, but cheap and fast. I'm writing a separate post for all that information soon. As for my next post, finally, it would be our day trip to Macau!

Stay tuned :)


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