My 2018 In Review

Happy new year guys! What's new? Well for my blog, nothing is really new! I'm still always posting late! lol but kidding aside, the past year has taught me so many things. 2018 was the MOST CHALLENGING year for me. Last new year, I prayed for a breakthrough, a turning point but I didn't expect how extreme my breakthrough would be. My breakthrough came in a form of extreme challenge. If any of you guys know, I have been in Cebu for most of 2018 accompanying my mom for her fight against her cancer. We discovered her illness March of last year and for months I've been with her during the shocking cancer diagnosis, to her major surgery, recovery, ulcer diagnosis, chemotherapy sessions, and all that stuff. I cannot even imagine how I managed to overcome those rough times.

I became anxious every hospital appointments. Scared of hearing another bad news regarding my Mom. My family is not any way perfect but it was kinda close to that as I can recall before my mom got sick. We were complete, not rich but at least financially capable, not always happy but at least we're all together. But the picture of having that perfect family almost broke when we first heard the news. I was with my Mom when the doctor both revealed her condition. I already knew something was wrong with her but never did I imagine it would be cancer. And even if I had an idea, hearing it officially from the doctor broke my world. Probably most of 2018 wasn't about me but my mom and her illness. It was stressful for me seeing her that way and even up to know I'm still scared about what's ahead of her, of me, of the future. 

God is so good that we were able to cope up and thankfully, my mom is now recovering.  I thank everyone who has helped me and family in our journey and also for those who prayed for my mom. As for me, I'm slowly trying to move on and go past the hardships of 2018. And you know what? 2018 wasn't all that bad. I had some good memories of last year too.

Spent a great Valentines day last 2018 with my boyfriend and family! :)

Also had the chance to travel to Siargao, everyone's favorite island to go to! Siargao was amazing! I wish to be back real soon. Check out my Siargao travel guide here.

Just a week after Siargao, my boyfriend and I along with some friends headed to Hong Kong! It was my first out of the country with my boyfriend so it was definitely very memorable! :) In fact, I blogged all my Hong Kong adventure. Check out my Hong Kong posts here (day 1, 2, 3, 4).

Well, that's it. There isn't much to say about 2018. Even though last year isn't that great for me but it sure was life-changing in so many ways. I had my faith tested, fears faced, and perspective changed.
I wish you guys a happy new year and hope that we will have an amazing 2019 ahead! Stay pretty, stay healthy, and always be happy! :)


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