Siargao Day 3 | Island Hopping

The gang went Island hopping on our last day in Siargao. We were cramped with time (as always!) since the only available ferry back to Surigao was 1:30pm. To catch up with the schedule, we had to miss one island on our tour. It was sad but at least got to enjoy the other two islands :)

We rented one boat for 11 of us for 2,500. It was quite a ride. Seeing the vast blue ocean, inhaling fresh air, and enjoying good company, were the best parts of the entire trip.First stop was the famous Naked Island. It's called "naked" for a reason. It's literally a naked island with no trees, no plants, nor houses. The tiny island was all sand. Can you guys see how clear and blue the water is? Simply breathtaking!

We couldn't resist taking a bunch of photos with this amazing view! The island was amazing. Tiny but gorgeous! No wonder why there were lots of tourists along with us that day. We spent a lot of time here enjoying the beach, sand, and company :) I'm sure you guys can tell just by looking at these bunch of photos.

The last leg on our tour was Daku Island. Contrary to Naked Island, Daku Island was called "daku" (or big in English) because of the fact that it's the biggest island in the tour. Tourists flock to this island to enjoy good food, scenery, and atmosphere. There are lots of photo-worthy palm trees around. There are also cottages, tables, and chairs that are set up on the island to cater tourists ending their Island tour where you can eat, relax, and chat. In case you didn't bring any food, there is food cooked and sold by the locals for the hungry tourists. You can also buy raw meat and fish available in the port and have it cooked to the locals once you reach the Island.

Naked was amazing but I loved Daku Island more. It's bigger and it gives you more space to swim, run, play around, and take a bunch of photos. We ended our tour with a nice chat and a sumptuous lunch cooked by the locals.

Our Siargao adventure was short but fun! I have lots of photos and footage to reminisce all the fun memories I made. Here's a short but intimate Siargao travel video that I made. It's simple and nothing fancy, really. But I hope you like it :)

I couldn't wait to go back, surf more, and go to places we failed to explore. Next time, I'll spend more days and make more memories of Siargao.

Have you guys been to Siargao? or are planning to go? You might want to check out my previous posts on our Siargao Day 1 and Day 2 too.

Anyway, that's it for our Siargao Adventure. See you in my next post!


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