Siargao Day 2 | Sugba Lagoon & Tayangban Cave

After surfing on our first day (read my blog post on Siargao Day 1), we spent day 2 of our Siargao adventure on an epic land tour. We were supposed to go to three awesome spots; Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko, and Tayangban Cave but we lost track of time at the breathtaking Sugba Lagoon so we failed to catch the popular Magpupungko rock pools.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the rest of the land tour. Here's a bunch of photos throughout our epic tour.

Our firsts top was Sugba Lagoon. From General Luna where we stayed, we went on a 40-minute drive to Del Carmen where we rented a boat going to Sugba Lagoon. It was more or less 30 minutes of exciting boat ride going to the mangrove-covered Sugba Lagoon. This breathtaking view immediately captured our hearts the moment we arrived at the spot! We couldn't get enough of how amazing this place is. Sugba Lagoon is truly Siargao's hidden gem!

We went kayaking on the amazing lagoon for an hour. If you guys do not know how to swim, kayaking is the best way for you to enjoy the place. But for swimmers and those who are adventurous, swimming your way around the lagoon is surely a must try!

Another must-try in Sugba Lagoon is their famous diving board. I'm not sure how high it is but when you look at it, it looks simple and easy to do. However, when I was at the diving board itself, I got really scared looking at how high I was up there and how high am I gonna jump off to the water. I literally had second, third, fourth, and fifth thoughts about whether to jump or not. But in the end, I chose to jump and just go for it!

We spent several hours in Sugba Lagoon, kayaking, swimming, and jumping off the diving board. Not minding the time and our next destination! Our next destination was supposed to be Magpupungko falls at 2pm. We had to be there before 2pm so we can catch the low tide and be able to view and swim with the rock pools. Unfortunately, we failed to do so because we just had the greatest time in Sugba Lagoon!

After our failed attempt in Magpupungko Rock Pools, we headed to Tayangban Cave. I was honestly hesitant at first because I haven't personally heard of this spot before. It wasn't as popular as Sugba Lagoon nor Magpupungko Rock Pools. However, I must say that my Tayangban Cave experience was just as fun and exciting as surfing in Cloud 9! This was probably one of the best experience I had in Siargao. If you ask me my top 3 spots, Tayangban cave would probably be second to Cloud 9, then Sugba Lagoon as my top 3.

Entering the cave was very scary. The entrance was very small and dark (we arrived around 5pm which was already pretty late and dark). It didn't look exciting at all. But thanks to our funny and amazing tour guide, we enjoyed every minute of the cave. The highlight would probably be the jumping off of the cliff at the end of the tour. I literally jumped twice!
And that's how our Siargao Day 2 ended. My next Siargao post would be another epic Siargao adventure, Island Hopping! :) But before that, you may want to check out this little Siargao travel diary!


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