Siargao Day 1 | Cloud 9 Surfing

Siargao was beyond amazing. My boyfriend and I, together with his gang took a 3 day trip to the "BEST ISLAND IN ASIA" according to an international luxury and travel magazine Conde Nast Travelers or CNT, none other than the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao. We rode a private van that we rented and it took us approximately 9 hours to get there from our hometown, Iligan City. It was a loooooong ride (I literally couldn't sleep because we were busy chatting and jamming to the music all night)  but totally worth it! We took off around 3pm and arrived at the port of Surigao at 3am. We immediately rode the latest ferry going to Siargao scheduled at 4:30am. It was another 3 hours of waiting game (which I spent sleeping by the way). And at last, we arrived at Siargao around 7:30am.

We were all tired from the land trip and everyone got knocked out and slept till noon the moment we arrived at the house we rented through AirBnb.

Photo grabbed from AirBnb

If you look at it from the outside, it looks plain and old-fashioned but it actually looks quite modern and cozy on the inside. The house has two bedrooms (with air-condition), living room with TV ( with Netflix, Youtube, etc), nice little dining area, quaint kitchen ( with kettle, rice cooker, electric stove, mineral dispenser), one bathroom and most importantly, WiFi. And the best part? We got the whole house for ourselves! *wink

The host was very nice and allowed us to check-in early and check out late. The location was also very near to restaurants, Cloud 9, and other great night out spots. One thing tho... the water supply and internet were not stable. I was literally in the middle of washing the dishes when the water supply was cut out. They tried fixing it but the repair was only completed when we were about to check out. We had to resort ourselves with storing water in buckets.

Anyways, onto the trip...

We went to Siargao without any itinerary at all. No plans as to where we would first go, where to next, and so on. So if you guys are looking for itinerary advice, do not follow ours. We got short of time and we weren't able to go to some places that we wanted to. Instead, read on and learn from our mistakes! :D

So, after some nap and a sumptuous lunch, we then headed to our first stop, Cloud 9! The famous surfing spot in Siargao. If you want to experience Siargao to the fullest, you should never miss surfing. After all, Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines!

Renting a surfing board costs only P200 but if you're inexperienced with surfing, you'll definitely need the help of professional surfers. We paid P500 each for an hour of surfing with a licensed surfer instructor.

Surfing was simply the best part of the whole trip. I could surf all day long! I was hesitant and scared at the same time on my first try. I fell down many times on my first tries but it was so fun. My first successful attempt was very fulfilling, it made me want to do it more and more. A bit of advice though, buy yourself a pair of water shoes because it's not soft sand that you'll be walking on under the water, but rocks. I loved surfing but I hated the rock surface underneath and most especially, paddling back to my instructor after my surfing attempts. I literally had muscle sore on my shoulder and back parts from paddling!

We surfed till sunset. I couldn't express how the whole experience was beyond amazing. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing is the sunset in Siargao? :)

After a fun and exciting surfing session, I got myself a little ice cream treat. It was a bit expensive (well, almost everything in Siargao is expensive tbh) but delicious. You can find this quaint ice cream shop just in front of Cloud 9.

We decided to hit the road after dinner and check Siargao at night. It was Sunday and most of the restaurants and establishments closed early. We ended up with these sweet treats! It was probably the best mango float and oreo mousse cake I've ever had in my entire life!

Anyways, that was all for our Day 1 in Siargao. We spent the rest of the night sleeping and resting for the next day's exciting land tour adventures! Stay tuned for my next post on that! :) For now, check out this little travel video I made to get a sneak peek of what's about to drop next on my blog.

Have a great day!


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