Canyoneering & Whale Shark Watching in Cebu

This is the last post for my Cebu trip last October 2017. I know right, it's been a year! You guys know how hectic 2018 was to me but at last! After a year of keeping all these photos in my drive, I'm now writing this blog post to share with all of you.

So after the Cebu City tourthe gang decided to explore the South of Cebu. I've been dying to go down South and experience these adventures for a long time. I'm glad I'm able to cross this one out of my bucket list! Going down to Southern Cebu was pretty easy. It was only a 3-hour bus ride from the city's Southern terminal to Oslob. We left the city pretty late and we arrived around midnight at our hotel.

We stayed at Lagnason's Place for two nights and it was amazing. The price was so cheap! Imagine getting an airconditioned family room with two queen beds and a sofa bed for only 1,000 php! The room and even the bathroom was very spacious. They have a swimming pool and an easy access to the ocean available for everyone. They also have a mini restaurant where you can order yummy food. Customer service was great too.  Because we arrived pretty late, they waited for our arrival outside so they can guide us to the hotel. They also helped us book our Canyoneering and Whale Shark watching trip. It was all made easy thanks to them. I highly recommend this place!

We woke up early and took almost an hour ride to the whale shark spot. The sun had only just risen up when we got there around 6am. It was the perfect time and weather to swim with the whale sharks. We had a brief seminar on the dos and don'ts when we reach the waters and when we go near the sharks. We only paid 500php to get a close encounter with the amazing creatures for 30 minutes. It was a great experience! I'm glad we pushed through our plan.

I'm not a good swimmer and so I don't really have a great photo or video swimming under water but my boyfriend and I compiled all the footage we got to make a travel video. Check it out!

Next on our itinerary was canyoneering at Alegria. If swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob was amazing, canyoneering in Alegria was extremely fun! I didn't know I had the courage to jump from high places until I experienced canyoneering at Alegria. The first jump was the scariest of all but when we got to jump from one cliff to another, we already got the hang of it. It was already more fun than scary.

We paid 1,500 each for this 3-hour adventure. Inclusive of the money we paid was a pair of rental (ukay-ukay) shoes and lunch. If you have water shoes, I recommend you bring one because the shoes they offer are either not in your size or they're damaged. Anyhow, it was so worth the money! This is the adventure you shouldn't miss if you come here in Cebu! I highly recommend it!

It was almost a year ago but every time I watch the video and see these photos, I can still feel the adrenaline rush at those moments. Definitely, something that I will remember and cherish forever. Looking forward to more adventures in the coming years! I'm already excited!


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