Floral Distressed Denim

If you guys remember, my family and I went to Cebu last October to attend a relative's wedding (read here). It was quite a sudden trip and so I was not able to prepare an outfit for the event. I didn't even know the color motif lol. But luckily, I had this super cute floral embroidered distressed denim with me from Dresslily. This skirt might seem familiar to you since I blogged about it from my previous Dresslily Wishlist. It was just a wish list before and now I already own one! waaaa! *wink

The reception was at a beach house so I opted to wear my go-to flat sandals so I can be comfy all day! I was in an all blue ensemble for the wedding with my denim skirt and blue long sleeve top (which I rolled up since it was so hot). I got a medium size of the skirt which is actually a bit bigger for me. I don't know if I really just suck at choosing sizes or my size is just confusing. Size small is kinda too small for me but the medium size is kinda loose for me as well. I'm in between which is really confusing since there's no available size for that! ugh -.-

I kept my makeup look simple like I always do.  I wanted to keep my hair loose but I ended up tying my hair the moment we stepped out of our room since it was scorching HOT and it was very humid! I love Cebu but I hate how my makeup easily melts and how I easily sweat because of the super hot weather.

I remember the old times when I used to work in Cebu. I sweat even when I just got out of the shower. Sweat and makeup blend every time I get ready for work. ew *sigh old days!

See in these photos makes me realize how terrible my flat sandals look with my outfit. It could have looked better with high heeled shoes, a pair of wedge, or even a black flat shoes.  But oh well, again, I came unprepared!

Anyway, that is it for today's blog post. By the way, I wanna know what you guys think I should pair this cute denim with? Also, comment down below if the skirt looks just fine with me or is it too big and I need to alter it? :)

Have a great day! See you in my next post!


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