Usana All Stars 2017

Travel blogs are on the roll guys! Now that I have all the time to blog and do my thing, I can finally write and post this very memorable event. Our team from OneX8 Iligan flew to Manila to attend the Usana All-Stars 2017. If you guys have been reading my blog, we attend Usana Convention every quarter at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Among all the Usana Conventions that my Boyfriend and I have been to, this one was probably the most memorable so far.

We've always been sitting in the audience chairs in the past conventions clapping and chanting the OneX8 song to support the rank advancers. Now, we got the chance to sit at the VIP area and be clapped by over 10,000 Usana associates present at the arena as we go on stage and be recognized as one of the newest Bronze Directors of the company.

I'm not gonna take the credit since I was idle and I did nothing to contribute to this rank advancement. All I gave was my support :D lol but nevertheless, I'm trying to make up for it. It was a great experience that made me realize that it was indeed possible to go up to that stage. Something that I thought I could never experience before. The whole experience from the dress shopping, getting ready, up to sitting at the VIP seat was very memorable. Something that my boyfriend and I want to keep experiencing every convention. Which means we have to rank advance every single convention!

Anyway, enough of the talking. Here's a travel video diary and some photos from the whole trip :)

We had the chance to stroll around Manila for two days before the series of activities began. We tried to stay on the budget but we failed. hahaha! there are just so many tempting foods to eat! lol We also went to a famous Korean Grocery shop and we tried so many Korean snacks. Goodbye diet!

The series of activities began on Day 3 at the PICC Forum 1 for OneX8 event. So many testimonies and inspiring stories were told. Attending this event was always fun and motivating with all the big speakers and inspiring people giving their tips and advice on how to succeed in the business and in life overall.

The next day (Day 4) was the most anticipated event of this trip, the Usana All-Stars Convention 2017. The theme for our team was black & gold. I bought my whole outfit the day before the event. I decided to get a dress that I could wear repeatedly. Hence, I chose this simple black dress which looks formal for the event yet casual to wear for ordinary days at the same time. It's quite versatile I must say. I even wore it to Church and it looks just as perfect as it is. I can still wear this to more parties to come! That's the beauty of basic pieces like this black dress. Yes to versatility!

To add a touch of Gold, I chose a not so high-heeled pair of shoes which has elegant accents of gold. Btw, I did my own makeup and that was it. That was my look and we were good to go.

The stage was lit! It was designed extraordinary to celebrate Usana's 25th year anniversary, making this event even more special. I really adore the tiered cake design of the stage. Very unique and perfect for the celebration.

With this huge celebration comes huge prizes too! Too bad  I did not get any of the Apple watches or Ipad.  Nevertheless, all of us present in the event were given these exclusive discounts and coupons! All 10,00 of us! Imagine!?

It was the best convention I have attended so far. I cannot wait to sit in the VIP seats again next time! Wohoooo! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)


  1. uuuuy you flew to Manila pala! We should have met! haha :)

    xoxo, rae


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