Cebu Adventures 2017

Cebu always has a special place in my heart. I've spent a year of many firsts in Cebu. First work, first pay, first time being totally independent, and so much more. Even though I left Cebu for 3 years now, I have always wanted to go back and visit its beautiful spots.

My family and I were invited to a relative's wedding in Cebu. We decided to go and take a land trip which took us about 12 hours to arrive. By the way, if you decide to take a land trip too, I suggest you check the schedule of the Dapitan and Dumaguete port to avoid delay. We weren't very sure of the schedule so we end up waiting at the port for an hour or two at Dapitan and Dumaguete. Nevertheless, the whole trip was amazing. The long hours of drive turned into hours of sightseeing among all the places we drove through. Visiting Dapitan and Dumaguete was also a first for me, thanks to this trip.

We stayed at a beach house, the same venue for the wedding the next day. It was a great experience bonding with my relatives from different places just to gather and attend the wedding. I got to meet some cousins that I knew for the first time. Meeting my aunties and uncles too was a heartwarming experience.

We woke up very early in the morning the next day to witness the sunrise. You guys know that waking up early is NOT my forte. I usually wake up around 10 in the morning. So waking up at sunrise is a totally a rare occurrence. I was still very sleepy I admit, but it was all worth it. The view was amazing. It was like a piece of painting. I couldn't take a decent photo of it but trust me, it is so breathtaking.

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I really love the setup for the reception. It was my first time attending an outdoor wedding reception. It was simple, dainty, and intimate. The wedding took place in a very nice church. Cebu never fails to amaze me when it comes to their Church interiors. They definitely do not disappoint.

Right after the wedding, we immediately took a trip to Simala Church. I have been there once before and it has definitely improved A LOT. Aside from the fact that they have Instagram-worthy locations, they also have bigger areas for prayer and worship.

I really hoped we stayed longer. It was such a short but fun trip. Meeting my family and relatives is something I do not get to experience very often since we live far away from each other. We were only able to tour on some locations. We actually planned to swim with the whalesharks in Oslob but we got short of time. I'll definitely be back and try it next time! :)

That's it for my whole Cebu Trip. How I wish I was able to take notes of how we took a land trip from Iligan to Cebu. Let me know guys if you want to know how to take the route :) I'll try my best to gather information and blog about it. Thank you for dropping by my blog. See you on my next post!


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