Beauty Review: Honest Thoughts on April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

NOT A FAN. Everybody was raving about this cushion on Facebook and it really influenced my decision on whether I should try one or not. I must say that the term "Facebook/Youtube made me buy" is definitely true! 
April Skin Magic Snow Cushion
I bought this from Althea (months ago! this is a long overdue post) and I have only used this twice or maybe thrice. Why? Because I didn't like it. I was forgiving the first try thinking maybe it was because of the hot weather. Then the second.. and third.. and naaaah. I gave up.

Packaging & Smell

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion
The packaging is not in any way extraordinary. All black, sleek and elegant just like most cushions do. The April Skin cushion is bulkier than the previous cushion I got which was CHICA Y CHICO MATT CUSHION. You know I prefer small and light compacts for travels to fit inside my bag but nevertheless, as long as it fits it's fine. I still carried it around for quite some time. Also, I'm giving it a thumbs up for not having any foul smell. 

Swatch of April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

Shade & Coverage

I got shade 23 which I believe is the darkest shade. Apparently, it's still too light for my skin tone which I already anticipated since it's a Korean makeup and Koreans like lighter shades for their face. If you don't like that idea, you might want to top if toff with a yellow toned powder or any shade that perfectly matches your skin color.

April Skin is viral for its supposedly high coverage and lasting effect. I must say coverage is very buildable. You can opt for a medium to high coverage. But beware during the application process. I don't know about you but I tend to get too much product and I end up wearing heavy makeup. For some reasons, I find it hard to build a minimal- natural look with this cushion. Also, keep in mind that this cushion is not matte! It has a dewy finish.

For comparison, here's a photo of me wearing the cushion on the left part of my face and none on the right side.
Excuse my skin situation. This was taken at the peak of my skin problem! It has gotten better now :) 
Before and after application


Well, I have no question with its coverage. Although I still needed to cover some spots with concealer but very minimal. If you are breaking out and you have no time to go through all the process of concealing and stuff, find a good coverage foundation like April Skin. But in terms of its lasting effect, I am not satisfied. Yes, the coverage is good (no question!) but it easily fades away (in my case). 

Perhaps because I have oily skin? I don't really know. The first time I tried it, I didn't wear any primer because I wanted to see how it is without any primer on. It was bad. It was cakey and oily. On the second try, I wore a primer and still it was cakey and oily. I thought it might have something to do with the moisturizer so I didn't use any but then again, it was cakey and oily.

Excuse my dry lips! 
See how cakey it is? The foundation only lasts for about 3-4 hours and depending on the weather it takes approximately on the 5th hour until it gets cakey. Given our weather condition here in the Philippines, I personally think this is not suitable for oily skin. Remember it's not matte! And the moment you feel hot, you will oil up easily and worst will get cakey (like in my case with the photos above).

Final Verdict - Will I repurchase?

I have heard a lot of good things about April Skin online especially Facebook which is one reason why I really wanted to try it. I even have friends who like April Skin so much. But sadly in my case, it doesn't suit me that well. I still have it now and I still use it occasionally but as concealer! :) So to conclude, I will not repurchase.


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