The Best Camera for Fashion & Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers!

Maybe some of you guys know I have been blogging for quite some time already. If you've been with me since I started blogging then you already know that my blog is already almost 6 years old now. I first started blogging my daily life (my oldest posts are still up but they're too cheesy so please bear with my 17-year-old self) and when I started reading other blogs I realized I have a lot more to share aside from my school life and personal thoughts

Kryz Uy and Camille Co were the first ones that I have looked up to. And so eventually I started sharing my style and fashion finds. I wasn't really a fashionista that time because I used to be very shy and it reflects with how I dress: very BASIC. Thanks to these two fashion icons, I was able to push myself and express myself with fashion. Since then I have always blogged about what I wear and eventually, I also started sharing some beauty related stuff. 

It wasn't long ago when I decided to invest in a decent camera. Since I started I have been using my phone to capture my looks and beauty finds. I bought my first camera (Canon Ixus 155) with my blogging income which was approximately P7,000.00. It was newly released way back 2013 and it was one of the best yet cheap camera I could afford. I was so happy that I finally have a decent camera to use but then I realized top notched bloggers have already bid farewell to point and shoot cameras and have been using DSLR cameras. Fast forward to this current time, I am still using my digital camera LOL. I have always wanted to buy a DSLR camera but I find the size bulky. Good thing I found SONY α5000.

This was released in 2014 (If I had known, I could have bought this one instead) but I must say it is still one of the best camera for fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers now! Here's why!

  • It is from SONY. And knowing the brand, they are one of the best when it comes to cameras!
  • Full HD AVCHD (60i/50i/25p/24p) video recording.
  • Features a 20.1 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
  • Has 3-inch 180° tiltable LCD panel with 460k-dot resolution that can be flipped 180 degrees to face forward. Definitely the perfect camera for bloggers and vloggers! 
image source

  • It gives images a soft skin effect. No need to worry about taking the perfect selfies!
  • With built in pop-up flash, range of Picture Effects, 4fps burst shooting, NFC connectivity, it can be synced to our smartphones! and has 480 shot battery life.
  • Has superior low light function!
  • It has Wifi functionality and improved image processor which is the Bionz-X (also present in the high -end cameras of SONY e.g. RX10).
  • Small and very handy weighing a mere 210g and measuring 109.6 x 62.8 x 35.7mm- great for travel and vlogs on the go!
  • Has unbeatable Auto Focus functions (multi area, selective single point, tracking AF, Face detection and more!)
  • Sleek, fashionable and elegant design. Available in white, black and silver. 
  • And the best part? it has interchangeale lense! Which means this is definitely not your ordinary camera! This is legit a professional camera but way cheaper than other brands! It only costs approximately P20,000.00-22,000.00! 
image source
image source

There are a lot more features to it that I cannot even comprehend. I am no techie but I must say this camera is definitely way way way better than the digital camera I have now. I have been watching several youtube reviews about it online and I must say, SONY α5000 is definitely the best camera for fashion/beauty bloggers and vloggers ! Here's a few of the many reviews that made me convince why.

Just look at the video and photo quality! Insane right!? Let's admit, it's not the best but with its price it's crazy how we get this excellent quality! 

I have read a lot of good reviews about this camera including a friend of mine who owns one. For bloggers and vloggers on the go, this camera has the perfect size and has an elegant and fashionable design that you can bring everywhere! For people who loves photography or would love to try photography (pretty much me lol), this is the best and cheapest entry level camera you can ever get! For fashion and beauty bloggers like me, this is a very good camera to take photos of our looks and products shots. Overall, in terms of quality at its price, this definitely is very worth it. Not only great for those with small budgets, but also for those who wants a handy camera to capture every moment of their lives- like me :)

Let me know what you guys think. 

Lots of love,
Emmerey Rose


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