Trip To CDO! Ultra Winds Mountain Resort

I'm posting this now on a Valentine's day. Okay, off topic but nvm! lol

Next stop on our itinerary is Ultra Winds Mountain Resort. This was my first time to visit the place. It's not the typical destination I usually imagine. I honestly thought this was a public pool but I was totally wrong. I forgot to mention in my last post (here) that the whole trip was planned and organized by my friend and I totally didn't have any idea of what kind of places we were going to. Honestly, I just bought all the necessities like swimming attire, even jeans and shirts just in case I needed to change. 
But nevertheless, the view from this place was breathtaking. I can just sit here all day and watch the sunset from this spot. In case you're wondering, Ultra Winds is a resort with restaurants, accommodations (obvious!), event venues and a lot more of other facilities. Their facilities are open not only to in house guests.You can even camp out in here with your family or have a team building activity with your workmates. 

And because the view was amazing, we took advantage and had some quick photo shoot moment. There weren't a lot of people so the place was all by ourselves. I can see the whole CDO from here. 
We paid 100 peso per person upon arriving the area. But the 100 peso was consumable, which means you can spend 100 for food, pool use or to other amenities they offer. And I thought, such a smart idea! 
I told 'ya we took a lot of photos. We basically just relaxed, enjoyed the view and ate some good food. Not my usual adventure type of destination but I enjoyed. Anyway, I'll be posting our last stop on my next blog post. Until then!
God Bless! 


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