Warm Up

Hey guys! if you are on the side of the world currently experiencing the fall season, or if you live in a tropical country like me and you currently have the rainy season on then you might want to warm up with this cool bomber jacket I recently got from StyleWe.

The weather here in the Philippines is so problematic that even weather forecasts cannot easily determine. It's so sunny and hot in the morning till noon then it will rain so heavy in the afternoon. You might be confused why I'm wearing this jacket under the heat of the sun in the photo. It's because I'm kind of psychic and I anticipated it will rain hard in the afternoon. And it did! lol I didn't looked up any weather forecasts at that!
If you guys have been reading my blog, you'll know I love the bomber jacket trend. I have been wanting to have one and thankfully, Stylewe reached out to me and asked me to pick an item from their site. I originally wanted a green jacket but there were non, so I picked this one instead. And I didn't regret my decision. Love the fabric and the style! It doesn't look cheap at all. Rather, it looks cool and sporty.
I decided to layer this jacket on my usual shirt-jeans outfit and it made a huge difference!
Check out Stylewe and grab one of this gorgeous jacket here.


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