7 Years and Beyond

No one expected it would last. We were small headed and childish back then and who would have thought we were serious and would last up to now. We have been together for 7 years. Crazy! The secret? hmmm.. I think understanding and acceptance of each other's flaws matters a lot.

Quick snack at Fika while having a stop over at a gasoline station.

Anyway, I'm not here to advice you guys because honestly, I'm not the perfect person to ask. I just wanted to blog about how our day went. It was not the usual celebration that we used to do. We usually just eat and watch a movie before but because we've been so busy with work and we needed much relaxation and pampering, we decided to book for a spa session.
We have been wanting for a massage but we've been so busy and didn't have the time. And so at last, we finally made time for a much needed relaxation. We decided to try Thai Boran and we both got a full body massage and an hour of foot spa for only P450.00 

It was the best decision we ever did! It was more expensive than a movie ticket but was super worth it. If you guys are thinking of a massage, you might want to try their service too!
After a very relaxing massage, we decided to try Wish You Were Here's smoked meat. Been hearing a lot of good comments about their food and I definitely have to agree. Love the tenderness of their meat.

I actually wanted to watch a movie after but we were short of time. We've just been so busy with work and this day was a great day to have a break and give ourselves some time and pampering. I'm glad that we lasted this long. I never felt it was already seven years. Felt like it was only yesterday <3


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