A few weeks ago, I got an amazing package which has cute and adorable dresses from Zaful. They reached out back then and asked me to select items from their shop for me to try on. So I selected three gorgeous dresses which I thought are worth sharing to you guys.

If it's your first time to hear about Zaful, they are basically an online shop which sells all kinds of womens clothing from top, skirt to dresses. One thing I love about them is their regular sale of items. They also have unique pieces that I have not seen anywhere else over the internet. 

Check Zaful to see for your self. Anyway, as for me I chose these three lovely items. Take a look.

I also filmed a try on haul for these items which I recently uploaded on Youtube. You might want to check it out :) thumbs up and subscribe!

Have a great day!


Now it is homecoming/ prom/ wedding season.
Hope the online dress store below can help.

  Blue Bridesmaid Dresses


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