Current Favorites : Let's Fight Ghost, Sims4, Makeup & More!

Hey guys! I have here another set of things I am currently obsessing about lately. I don't usually get obsessed easily over things but lately, I have been very lazy and I sorted with internet to keep me busy. It's not a good thing to do because I'm not being productive, I know. But it's just for the meantime. I mean, I have been on some issues lately with myself and I don't feel good about it. So during these times, I decided to check on the internet and found some amazing things I am currently loving.


I have already mentioned before in my previous Favorites post that I am not that much into Korean novelas. Because I know it's addicting so I usually restrain myself from watching. But lately, I couldn't help myself. I am currently watching over these awesome korean dramas.
These dramas are currently airing so I didn't really had to watch overnight. Sometimes I think it's better to watch like this because I don't stress myself out to watch the entire series in a day which I usually do. If you guys are into Korean dramas, check these out!
This is on the other hand is a 2013 series which I watched in an entire day. It was so tiring but I enjoyed the series especially during the character's kid scenes. Fun fact, I am currently watching Moonlight drawn by the clouds and Let's Fight Ghosts because the leading ladies were the ones who portrayed the kid version of the main lady characters in this series. They have all grown up now! Also, the main reason I watched this series is because I love Kim Soo Hyun so much in My Love from Another Star. He definitely suits the role of a King in this series!


I am currently loving my newly purchased Misshah BB Cream. It isn't as great compared to Matte Fix Cushion (read review here) in terms of coverage but it's lasting power and oil control is superb for my oily skin! I bought this from Althea by the way (read my recent haul here). Check Althea for more amazing and authentic Korean cosmetics here.

I am also loving matte liquid lipsticks these days. I really wanted to try the Kylie lip kit but it's too expensive. I opted for a cheaper option which I am currently using and so far, I'm loving it. This is the Natasha Beauty Loquid Lipstick in First Kiss (read my review here).


You know I love white sneakers so much and I finally have a pair! I bought this from Oasap. The shipping was quite delayed but it was worth the wait. I can pair it with basically any outfit I want!


And as with Youtube which you know I am obsessed with, I am hooked with this Sim4 gamer. I love her colorful and fun take on her Sims4 LPs. It brings my inner child back with her fun and light Sims4 series. Check her Dine out and Smitten LP!

That is all for my Current Favorites post. Check out my previous entries herehere and here.
Hope you have a lovely morning!
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