Beauty Haul: Misshah BB Cream & Banila Co Clean it Zero

Hey guys! I did some damage AGAIN when I dropped by Althea. I saw the products that I have been eyeing and they were on sale so I couldn't resist. But this is by far the most worth it purchased history I have ever made. lol

As per usual, I fell in love with their packaging. I am not the super girly type but I love this cute pink box! This time, I bought three awesome items from Althea

I really needed another beauty blender because my old one was so gross and can't really do the trick. I bought one from Althea and it is superb! quality wise, it's amazing and cheap too!
Here's another product I was eyeing a lot. You know how I binge watch Youtube and for most of the beauty gurus I follow, they have all been using this makeup remover. They all have positive feedback on it which really made me curious about it. It's also a good timing because I needed a good makeup remover.  This is the Clean it Zero Reservatrol from Banila Co. This is suited for my oily skin type so this one definitely does the job well!

Here's another product that Youtube has influenced me to buy one. I am definitely a follower of Anne Clutz's videos. I can relate to her beauty struggle with having oily skin and so I always watch her videos to check what products work for our skin type. Her review of this Misshah Perfect Cover BB Cream was my decision maker to buy this product. I definitely have to agree with her that this by far is the best BB Cream for those who have oily skin like us.

Anyway, I will make a separate reviews on these products some time soon so watch out for that. Check Althea if you want to buy authentic Korean cosmetics like these! they ship right away in les than 10 days so it's a plus! In the meantime, please check out my Haul video below. Like and subscribe if you want to see more of these and comment down below if you have any video suggestions :)

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