Beauty Review: Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion

I have always wanted to try cushion. I am a huge fan of Korean dramas and seeing how flawless their actresses are, makes me want to try cushion even more. But also, I have always doubted because I have oily skin and for sure, cushion will make me look even more greasy (like a frying pan! lol).
When I saw Mat Fix Cushion by Chica Y Chico in Althea, I immediately grabbed it. It was on sale for only P400 something! I never thought that there is a cushion for oily skin. I have always thought cushions are made to give a dewy healthy finish like mostly what Koreans like. 

I got this from Althea Philippines together with Misshah Perfect Undereye Concealer which I will be reviewing next (check my haul)! Althea is an online shop which basically sells authentic Korean brands and delivers them door to door within 5 days only. Pretty fast! You use my code "EMMEREYROSE" to get P50 discount!

I love the packaging. It is very sleek and elegant. I love the all black look of the compact. It is made of plastic but very sturdy and high class looking. It is quite bulky but that is a normal thing for a cushion. 

 For those of you who aren't familiar yet with cushion compacts. Basically, the coverage is in between foundation and a BB cream (in my opinion). It looks natural on the face but still high in coverage. Also, it gives that dewy finish that we mostly see in Korean actresses. But for this case, it has a matte finish. The compact is bulky because it is segregated into two portions. On top is the applicator which basically does the airbrush finish! and below is where the magic sits. You can see, there is a sponge soaked in the formula. As what I have read, this makes the application smooth as we only get just enough product and be able to build coverage one step at a time. 

It has quite the citrus smell which is barely noticeable. But overall, it smells great.

The application is pretty basic. All you have to do is damp the applicator to the soaked sponge and start building the coverage. For me, because I am pretty impatient. I tend to always damp as deep as I could to get the product in one time. And because this has a pretty good coverage, I got too many of the product on my face on my first try. But it is a working progress,I have already learned my lesson. 

You guys, with cushion it might take longer time than using a brush or sponge. Because unlike brush and sponge, we need to just simply damp the product on the face and not smudge. But it's all worth it because in this way, it will give you an air brushed finish.

The shade I got is in No. 23 medium beige, the darker tone. It only has two shades available from Althea which is pretty limited. This shade is even a bit lighter on my face. To balance out my skin tone, I use a darker shade of powder to set everything in place.

Coverage is great. It is very buildable. I thought it would not cover my blemishes at all coz I thought it has a CC cream coverage but I was wrong. It has the coverage in between a foundation and a BB Cream. Which I personally like because it makes the work easier for me!

Here's a comparison photo of my before and after. As you all know, I am having a difficult time with my skin right now. I am breaking so bad that is why I need a product that could hide these blemishes and pimple scars. Great thing, this cushion can do the work! As you can see, it pretty much hid mostly the redness and blemishes especially on my most problematic part, my cheeks.

Overall it has great finish. It can cover my imperfections, sits well even with sweat and heat of the sun, but can't control the oil. I still look oily after a day of errands.  Well of course, our temperature is a great factor and I say, this cushion helps with maintaining coverage but not with oil control. More or less for 4 hours, you definitely need to blot and powder your face. 

Will I repurchase?
Not sure. I have yet to try applying a primer before and a good oil control powder after to know if it can remedy and control oil. 

Will I recommend?
Yes! definitely for those who have a normal skin type. 

If you are planning to buy one, I hope this helps you decide!:)
Have great day!


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