Beauty Review: Natasha Beauty Liquid Lipstick in First Kiss

I am not a big fan of lipsticks as it tend to dry out my lips. Even before when I was working as a Front Desk Associate in a hotel at Cebu, I rarely wear lipsticks. I only had one which I loved, it was a Jordana lipstick (read my review here). Not a famous brand but it was superb! and affordable too. 

But it's not what I'm about to review now. Ever since my Jordana lipstick ran out years ago, I didn't find any good alternative to it so I stopped. Until recently, matte lipsticks became a trend. I loved the fact that matte lipsticks nowadays are smack proof which means I won't have to worry about lip stains on glasses or straws, or whenever I eat. 
I have been eyeing some branded brands that I want to try including the famous Kylie Lip Kit. But I don't have the luxury to buy one as of now. So I opted to try for a cheaper one for my first try, the Natasha Beauty Liquid Lipstick in First Kiss. 

Packaging looks pleasant and decent. It's tiny which I love because it fits to my small bags. Yes, it has a smell but barely noticeable so thumbs up! :)

It has a creamy texture and very rich in color. You can see in the photo below that it definitely has good color pay off.

Because it has a creamy texture, it glides easily on the lips when applied. I usually put two coats to fully cover my lips. I love that unlike regular lipsticks, the process of application is more accurate and easier because it has an applicator. It also dries out pretty quickly which is very impressive. I hate when lipsticks transfer to anything I eat or drink like in glasses, apples, straw, spoon and etc. So it is definitely a plus for me because it is smack proof.

The only thing is, because it is matte it can emphasize the dry patches on my lips. So for those of you who have dry lips like me, definitely a lip balm is needed before applying this. But good thing, it doesn't cause flake off on my lips. If you eat a lot and don't mind about the lipstick, it will surely fade off.  But it lasts quite long compared to regular lipsticks. It usually comes a bit when you eat messy especially with foods that are saucy or has soup.

RATE: 7/8

So far, I have been loving this lipstick. But I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 just because I have yet to try other products before I can say that this is the best liquid lipstick for me. But so far, so good. The only thing I don't like is that it can emphasize the cracks on patches on my lips.Also, you might need to retouch for like 5 hours or so depending on the number of times you ate. 

Anyway, that is it for today. I'll be reviewing some more interesting beauty products so watch out for it! 

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you for reviewing this! I'm so excited to try this once my order has arrived. :)

  2. Im a little bit confused about the color is that brown or what?

  3. Im a little bit confused about the color is that brown or what?

  4. i want to see the ingredients of the product and how much it cost thanks

  5. parang iba yun color nun upper 2 cose up pics... Ano po yun mas totoo pong color nya s images s taas po? Ang ganda nun sa whole face mo na. Parang syang combi ng peach at coral hehe... ty sana magkaron k dn kht swatches nu iba png shades

    1. mas accurate yung swatches on the first photo.. :)


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