A Day In My Life - Birthday Edition

I'm 23 guys! It always feels great to turn a year older because that just means I had a year full of adventure. It's a blessing. So you guys, do not ever worry about getting older. That should be celebrated because it's like thanking God for giving us another year to look forward to.

Okay so I decided to make a "Day In My Life" post a while ago and made a draft until I totally forgot about it. It rot in my draft files lol. I always tend to forget. Gone are those days when I was an "instagrammer" who takes photos of basically everything and anything of my day. I guess that is me growing up. Then came along my birthday. So I decided to finally commit and make the post. So here it is. My Day in The Life (Birthday Edition). 

Unlike most of this type of post, I'm not starting off with me laying in bed, because I was working when the clock stroked 12am of June 13th. I was just finishing off my work because I wanted to be free the whole day of my birthday. All thanks to my boss for granting my request and for greeting me right off the bat. 

So fast forward to a coupe of hours of me sleeping, just like the most of you I usually start my day checking out my social media accounts which takes me about 15 mins before I finally get out of bed. I always remind my self to avoid this because it takes up so much of my morning, but it's a working progress. I used to lay in bed for like two hours scrolling my instagram, facebook and youtube. Good thing I'm able to narrow it down to 15 mins everyday. Not bad huh?! :)

Breakfast isn't fancy at all. Just the regular Filipino breakfast with fried fish, rice, water and for this day I got to eat some fried pork too. No eggs for that day though, too bad. But I was so full! thumbs up if you also have this in breakfast too! :)

 I'm actually quite the home buddy which means I don't often go out of the house. But for this day, because it's my birthday I decided to get ready right after I ate and do some chores. Then finally got out of the house, embraced the sun and enjoyed the day. 

So for my makeup look, because it was my birthday I decided to try my new Cushion Compact from Althea and also some goodies from Sample Room which I blogged a haul the other day (read here). 
I kept the look simple and natural. I also wore my liquid lipstick from Natasha that I am starting to love. Reviews of these products will be posted in a few days guys so... watch out for that! 

Also decided to wear this cute shirt which says "Find your Happy Place" which I thought was just perfect for my birthday. I already forgot when was the last time I wore this shirt so might as well use it right then and there. I kept everything simple like I always do.

So my boyfriend and I decided to watch Now You See Me 2 that day which I have been longing to watch. It was great guys. But you definitely have to watch the first one before you watch this so you'll not get lost with the story. But if you ask me, personally I like the first movie than this one. I don't know. I mean they are equally great movies but I like the first one better.
We forgot to take a selfie on my birthday though. But anyways, right after that we went to my grandfather's place where my family traditionally celebrate birthdays and Christmas. Glad to see all of us reunited once again. We didn't actually made a whole feast but it was great. Catching up with them, talking to them and just being together.

So that is it for my birthday. Nothing really fancy or extravagant. That is just how adults celebrate birthdays I guess. hahaha! anyway, it was fun! can't wait for next year!
Have a great day!


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