Outfit of the Day: Basic Black

You all know me, I don't wear too much colors. You can see me most of the time in a black and white look. For some of you, you might think it's dull and boring but I say it's classic and never goes out of style. It's also the best outfit combo for lazy people like me who doesn't have time to think on what to wear. But who cares? this is very stylish yet the easiest way to look good. You will never go wrong with a basic look. 
So this is one of the days where I feel like wearing a black on black outfit. This has been my go to look lately. I just want to dress up comfortably, hence the basic look I'm trying to achieve. I am so done with layered outfit, color blocking and all those complexity with fashion. lol  I tried those but never went for it because personally, I have always been basic. And good thing, it's trendy nowadays and I couldn't be any happier. 

For this look, I decided to wear a high waist jeans to pair with my midriff top. And off course, I wore my favorite comfy slip on shoes which I then finished off with a good baseball hat that I have been loving lately. 
I don't usually insert my shirt but I decided to try for this photos lol. turned okay but I tuck in so much air in my stomach hahaha just don't mind my fats. 


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