Why Makeup Is Still Important When You're Casual

I love how easy a casual look can be. You can just grab your favorite comfortable leggings or pants, throw on a top, and finish with a messy bun. Right? Wrong! You still need to take care of your skin and your hair each day, even if you’re not dressing up. And it’s a good idea to dress your face as well as your body. 

Even if you’re going for the trendy sporty look, it’s important to check everything else is ready to face the public. Get your skin cleansed and toned. If you’ve got any problems, like a breakout or acne, you need to pick your cover up solution. Start with something alcohol based to ensure the surface of the affected area is clean.

A good BB cream is fine for some skin types to use. However, you may also need a green tinted cover-up to keep the redness from view. Multicolored mineral powders can help here, but sometimes sensitive skin needs something more casual. Finally, you’re going to need a really good foundation. Find a comprehensive review of the best ones at makeupbychelsea.net to help you make your choice.

Now your skin tone is even and looking flawless, it’s time to enhance all those beautiful features. If you are dressed sporty because you are actually going to a class, you can probably lay off the blush! The cosmetics you use should be sweat proof and waterproof, but be wary of some products that aren’t great for sensitive skin.

Eye shadow can be light and just two-tone if you’re going casual. Pink tones work best if you’re not dressing up as they are so natural looking. Leave the eyeliner out for the casual look if you prefer. But add a little lengthening mascara to shape your lashes and give them that edgy look you’re after. Finally, you can tidy up the eyebrows with a brush and fill where needed. Keep it lighter in color for the casual look, and don’t over thicken the line.

Now all that’s left to do is add some stay on lip gloss. Wand systems are great for any occasion. However, the casual or sporty look should be about more natural tones and colors. Pick a high gloss, but tone down the vibrancy. Somewhere in the pinks works best. Look for the more neutral tones. Now you’re ready for your workout!

Getting the casual or sporty look is about looking incredible but making it all seem so effortless. Sure, you can be comfortable, but you don’t have to look like you haven’t bothered. If you are out in the sun, it’s really important to make sure you’ve applied a base layer of sunscreen with UV filters. For the body, why not add a tinted, moisturizing sunscreen to give that gorgeous glow when you bear your arms or calves?

I love keeping my skin in check even when I’m just chilling in my Yoga pants. It’s easier to feel comfortable when you know your face is ready for a public appearance even if you’re just staying home. Feel gorgeous and comfy with the sporty look.


  1. These are nice tips Em! :) I'm not a bb cream lover, I can go out with a simple powder and a red liptstick on, even if I have that messy bun and a basic tee! Of course, since we live in a tropical country where Mr. Sun is always up, I make sure to put a sunscreen on. :)

    Rica | www.sassycebuannachic.com


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