Current Favorites: Waffles, App, Millions & More!

Hey you guys! how's life? I've been stressing out from school lately and my skin is breaking out so bad! like literally so bad! but anyways, I'm not gonna rant about all that stuff here. Today, I thought of sharing to you a bunch of random stuff that I'm loving lately. 
For makeup,I've been loving the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One BB Stick. So far, it does the job of giving me a clear and smooth complexion, and it also lessens the oiliness on my face. I have not done a review of it yet but I will definitely make a review about this soon! so watch out for that :) I am also loving this awesome Bornprettystore Foundation Brush (read my review here) which I use to blend the BB stick on my face and it does wonders!

Also, if you have been reading my blog for the past year you probably know that I am an associate of Usana Health & Sciences. I am not only dedicated to spread the vision of our founder but also dedicated to give people the opportunity of not having to work eight straight hours a day for a small return and even worse, less time for the family. Hence, I am getting more into reading financial literacy book and currently I am reading Chinkee Tan's How I Made My First Million. If you're a network marketer, I highly suggest you read this book!

As I've said, I've been mia for the past weeks because I literally had so much things to do offline. One thing that helped a lot with the busy schedule was the app called Any Do
This app just makes it easier for me to keep track of my to do list than having to constantly open, write and read on my planner. I can plan my day and the days ahead with Any Do. *I am not in any way sponsored to give this review/comment* 

In terms of food, well I have a lot of favorites but among all of them, I have been totally obsessing about the Famous Belgian Waffles' Hazelnut+Choco. I just can't!! ughh! I'm craving right now.

I am into Youtube right now guys, like legit obsession! Youtube is like TV to me and TV .. i feel like doesn't exist anymore lol . Currently, I am obsessing over DIY and interior decorating videos and for all I've seen, Mr Kate stood out to me the most. Their videos are literally goals! the production, quality, editing and all jazz is perfect. Their videos are like episodes in a TV show. Guys, you have to check their videos. Go watch it right now! the channel deserves more subs!

I am also obsessing over Sims 4 Let's Play on Youtube guys. Yes, I love Sims4! and if you do too, you have to check these gaming channels out! I have been watching Sims4 Barbie LP by Deligracy for months now and I am loving every episodes! Basically, Deligracy is an Aussie Youtuber who made Barbie in the Sims 4 and I couldn't be more excited about it. Because why not!? Barbie is every girl's favorite! she also made Ken and the BARBIE DREAM HOUSE! she made a modern version though, which I totally think was very suitable. And currently, they already have a couple of children who are as stunning and pretty as Barbie and Ken. Can't you tell how I love this LP ? haha

I am also loving the Legacy Challenge by Vixella. It's still on its 17th episode I guess and I am loving it. I'm excited to see the next episodes and see what's about to happen. 

 I have a bunch more of favorites but I guess that's all for now. Thank you guys so much for dropping by and see you on my next post! God Bless!


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