USANA in Full Bloom

I had the chance once again to grace Usana Convention and it made my whole February a blast. If you don't know yet, I've been a Usana associate for a year now and it was the best decision my family and I have ever made. It made us so much healthier and protected over sickness that easily affected us before like flu, cough & colds. It also taught me a lot about life, financial management and a whole ton in terms of personal development. 

This convention was the BEST of the ones that I've been before. The production, the venue, speakers, basically everything! The convention was at Araneta Coliseum by the way. We arrived early to grab some good seats and view of the speakers on the stage. 
Here's the funny thing, this convention was held on February 25th which was the People Power Celebration which we all know that yellow symbolizes the celebration (especially the admin party for the coming election). We decided to take the MRT going to the venue and we were all lining up crowding the MRT wearing all yellow. There were a lot of people staring at us because we were all wearing yellow and they were thinking we are supporters of Mar Roxas and his running mates which is a BIG NO.
Here's Team OneX8 eager and excited to start the event!
A few minutes after the venue was opened, people started to fill the arena and made the excitement even more intense.

The convention is basically a day of celebration and recognition for those who have achieved a milestone in the business. I have already joined 3 conventions watching and clapping for the people being recognized on stage, hoping that someday I'll be the one recognized and hopefully be able to speak and inspire thousands of people with my success story.

Aside from the recognition, it is also a day full of inspiration and success stories, which for me is the best part of the event. We get to see different people from different places of the country succeeding in the business and sharing their tips and road map to where they are now. I love listening to inspiring storied and the feeling of being inspired and hyped to share what our business can offer to the people we know and we love. 
Here's our Usana pharmacists explaining to us the new released Usana Philippine products, the Phytoestrine, Palmetto Plus and Probiotics. 

There were a lot of speakers that night but this lady right here made my day ignited. She's the other half of Ranel Blanco, Mrs. Jonalyn Blanco speaking in front of almost 13 thousand associates. She entered the stage trying to sing "The Climb by Miley Cyrus", crying of happiness as her dream of having to sing in Aranta came true. She was the best that night, making us realize what this business can give us and our family ; quality of life. At the end of her speech everyone in the venue gave her a standing ovation because of her loud dedication and passion. It was breathtaking. 

We also had the famous Denis Waitley in the house! he was so cool by the way.

I have realized a lot of things that I'm pretty sure I can apply not only to my business but also to my daily life. I have lots of friends who I know have doubts in me because I am involved in this kind of business. I don't know why but maybe because of their bad perception about the business structure. To anyone of you reading this, we at Usana isn't about the money. We are persevering to share our founder's vision which is to give everyone the opportunity of living a quality life. And quality life means being healthy to be able to experience the best time of your life with your family, achieving your dreams and your family's dream. Being able to travel, have your dream house and give your parents and loved ones the best they can have in life. And what's bad about that? 
Even if you're not with Usana, these lessons will surely help you in a lot of ways.

Someday for sure I will walk up that stage and be clapped by everyone. But that's not the most important thing, that's just a part of it. My goal is to be able to spend quality time with my family and giving them their dreams in life without having to sacrifice time and health. Which I know is what everyone wants in life right? I made the decision to divulge with this kind of business because I see great opportunity that I've never seen with my work before and even to people I see working eight hours a day, six a days a week. Just imagine how much time you waste everyday working for a very small amount that would not even be enough to sustain your personal needs. Now, if that's not enough for yourself, how much more for your family and to your own future family? makes sense?:)

I hope you're having a lovely day! God Bless! 


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