Vanity Area Tour + Organization Tips

One thing we girls struggle the most when it comes to organization is our vanity area. For most of you who have tons and tons of makeup, I can already imagine your struggle. hahaha! I've seen lots of Youtubers getting ready while they simply just get and throw stuff out of their way. Been there, done that! But as time passed, seeing all the mess I create every time, made me realize the need for a proper organization system. I'm not a hundred percent organized all the time but I try to be clean as best as I can. Too bad I didn't have a before photo of my vanity area, but I revamped it and I'm very happy as to how it looks right now.

 I don't own dozens of palettes nor lipsticks and foundation. I personally kept my makeup collection simple and functional. As you can see, I only have two eyeshadow palettes, my Naked 2 & 3, and one or two foundations, powders and primers which I display on an acrylic storage which by the way is from Daiso. 

I see a great advantage of only having cosmetics that you use all the time.
" Do not buy too much that you don't even need. It will only clutter and add up to the mess". 
Do not buy three to eight types of mascara if you still have one or two. Buying a ton will not make a difference, it will only add up to the mess. After all, they all function the same.

"Display only the ones you always use". 
If you have some reserves or stuff that you only occasionally use, store them in one big box where you can simply get one when you ran out (but remember, you do not have to buy too many reserves. ) or use stuff when you need them. Same goes with makeup brushes. Display only the ones you will need for a week. Store the other in the box and only get them once you used up all the displayed brushes after a week. Clean the used brushes thoroughly and when they dry, store them away in the box until you need them.

As for accessories, the same rule applies. Or if you have too many unused accessories, you can simply donate them or give to your siblings or friends.

 "Always remember to keep your collection simple and functional". 
You do not need too much stuff. Have only the ones you will use or need. As for display, like I did you can use acrylic tools which you can buy from Daiso or even at ebay for cheaper prices. Also, "you can search over the net of some diy vanity organization ideas" like I did. 

I DIY the bracelet, necklace and brush storage myself. It will only take you about 15 minutes to make each one and you'll already save a ton of money! I only sprayed white paint on an empty wine bottle and tadaaaa!! lovely storage to display my bracelets (read here). If you have empty straw containers, all you have to do is spray paint with any color you want and when it dries, you can put all your brushes! what's good is that it is very accessible, easy to open and get whatever brush you'll use and clean because it has covers that protects the brushes from dusts.

And if you're wondering how I did the necklace storage, you might want to check out my upcoming post for that. That is all for now. I hope you got some tips that you can use for your vanity organization. I hope you're having a lovely day!


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