Home Décor Wishlist

I have been on Pinterest all throughout this Holy Week. And as usual, I've pinned so many!lol So many great DIYs, tutorials and home decor inspirations. I wish I can instantly just get them out of the screen and place on my room. oh well...

In case you wanna see what I have been pinning on Pintesrest you might want to follow me (if you want to), just click here. Anyway, for today I wanna share with you some of my favorite home decors that I am dying to have right now. 

I love this spring inspired Letter E Decor which you know is my initial so... :) I have seen so many DIY tutorial on youtube and pinterest for so long and I think I might do this on summer break so watch out for that!

This hanging shelf is one of my favorites right now. I love these types of room organization pieces that also serves as decor. It introduces a new means of room organization and I love innovative and creative ideas like this. Who doesn't?!

I am also loving the Chicken Wire Mood Board. It gives a somewhat rustic-industrial feel to it which I am loving. I also love the fact that you can literally put anything aside from photos including sunglasses,notes, accessories. Basically just anything.

Geometric decors like these are to die for! I love the idea of putting some succulents or even just lights inside these pieces and it instantly makes the room fresh and put together. 

I am loving succulents right now guys like... I just want to collect a whole bunch of their species haha . And I am definitely loving this hanging succulent decor! 

I also like the idea of hanging a bunch of photos in a frame. It makes it tidy and neat rather than just sticking a bunch of photos in the wall.

This is definitely not a decor but rather a furniture. But I am loving it! not only does it serve the purpose as a furniture but it also serves as a decor. It adds color and great vibe!

I've seen so many YouTube gurus having super comfy sofa with super cute pillows on and I get so envy! lol honestly! that is my frustration because I don't get to decorate our house the way I want because I'm definitely gonna have to argue with my Mom. You know Moms, they have different taste to ours and I certainly can't touch a single thing on the house because she's in charge. hahaha but I understand. I'll get to do whatever I want with my house in the future so... maybe someday. ahahha

These are just some of the things on my Pintrest board. Follow me if you wanna see more :)

May you have a meaningful Holy Week guys!
God Bless


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