Biore Makeup Remover -Micellar Cleansing Water

 I just went home from a quick stroll at the mall. And as usual, I went up straight to Watsons, my favorite place ever. I originally went to look for some stuff that I really needed but then I saw a couple of new products. I got curious and interested at some so I decided to buy and give them a try. I was about to make a Haul post but I forgot and immediately tried all the items I got. So I thought, I'll just makes reviews of each. So for today, I will be reviewing Biore Makeup Remover.
One thing that caught my attention was this Biore Makeup Remover. It says "Micellar Cleansing Water" and that definitely got me interested. If you google it, you will know that it has a lot of amazing benefits: removes waterproof makeup effectively, hydrates and nourishes skin,  keeps skin clear and many more. 

"Micellar Water" originally came from France before it was recognized today around the globe. Biore is made in Japan and is currently  the #1 Makeup Remover in Japan - as what the packaging indicates. Because it uses Watery Micellar Technology, it's non-rinse which means its hassle free! no need to wash-tone-moisturize because it does all that work.

This is my face with makeup. Sorry if I look awkward lol and as you can see, my skin is not behaving well lately. I have pimples all over my face which you will see down below after I removed all the makeup using Biore. One thing that actually made me buy this product, aside from the Micellar thing is that I have quite a problem about my skin so I was looking for alternative cleanser that can help me and then I saw this. Personally, it doesn't promise anything about clearing pimples or treating pimples but I personally believe that a good cleanser helps a lot in clearing pimples.
It is very easy to apply. You just need a couple of cotton balls and a drop or two for each before you apply. Continue doing it until all the makeup is remove and you're done! no need to rinse it off or top with moisturizer. You will notice your skin is already moisturized on the process of removing the makeup. It's basically a one stop skin care routine! :*
I look even more awkward in this photo lol . So here's my face after I removed my makeup using Biore. Overall, I love it. It is very useful and convenient. As for me, I don't really use it at all times. When I'm wide awake and still able to wash my face, I do my usual routine. I only use this when I'm too lazy to wash my face and when I feel too sleepy and especially when I'm travelling. It comes very handy on travels. And oh, I actually forgot how much it is I think it was around P200 (90ml). 

Not bad right? :)


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