The Fashion Tips You Need for 2016

Each year comes with a bunch of exciting new fashion trends and tips. Many of them have been here before, years ago - like the huge 70s trend that seems to be everywhere! It doesn’t hurt to keep up with what’s ‘in’. Here are the fashion tips you need for 2016. 

Focus on The Smallest Details - Even Your Nails
It isn’t just about getting your regular accessories on point these days, you need to focus on the really small details to make an impact with your outfit. Focusing on the stud earrings you’re wearing, and even your nails will make your outfit stand out. People really do notice these seemingly minor details, and they’ll make you feel more put together. 

Find New Ways to Wear Classic Pieces
Try to find new, interesting way to wear classic pieces. For instance; the white shirt or boyfriend shirt. Rather than buttoning it up and wearing it how you always do, why not wrap it around and tuck it into a nice pair of jeans? 

Include a Pair of Cute Socks
If you’re wearing a pair of cut off jeans or even a cute little dress, why not include a pair of cute socks? Wearing a nice pair of ankle socks with your favourite heels and dress will add some serious style points to your outfit and make you look extra girly.

Get Confident Mixing Prints
Try to get confident mixing up different prints. It really isn’t as hard as you think it is. You can mix polka dots, florals, and even animal prints. One trick you can use is matching the colours, not the prints. If the colours work well together, then the patterns will more than likely look good together. You can’t go wrong with black and white, so bear that in mind if you’re trying this tip for the first time! Mixing graphic prints together is usually fairly easy, and you can even make graphic prints look great with animal prints and organic prints too. 

Know how to Style Your Favourite Jewellery
Make sure you’re styling your favourite jewellery in a way that accents your outfits and makes it pop. If you have something you really want to show off, like a necklace from DNA 2 Diamonds, make sure you’re wearing a neckline that accents it. Nobody is born knowing how to accessorise, you need to practice! If you admire somebody for the way they put their outfits together, take inspiration from them and just keep practicing every day. 

Swap Your Boyfriend Jeans for Flares 
Flares are in with the 70s trend that’s so popular these days, so try swapping your regular boyfriend jeans for them and see how you feel. Chances are, you’ll love them as they’re so flattering! 
Make sure you get used to using these fashion tips this year, as they’re set to be big! Many of them are simple to use, so you’ll be able to continue using them for a long time if you love them! Come back soon!


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