Anicycle Experience

This has been a long overdue post. I was quite unsure how I would summarize all the adventure last January 17, 2016 when my friends and I decided to visit Dahilayan and a couple of other destinations going there. It was such an adventure-filled day! I got to experience my firsts with this trip.

 One of the destinations we went to was Kampojuan. There were a couple of things to do there but one thing I was really excited about was the Anicycle. It looked very fun and exciting but when you're up there, it wouldn't be as fun as it looks! I tell you! haha but the view was breathtaking! It was scary but the nice kind of scary :)

I'm not an active type of person and biking is definitely never my forte. When I was about to finish my lap, the bike got stuck! It wasn't a facility malfunction, it was just because it was going up and I cannot sustain paddling through it. lol
We only stayed there for about an hour and after we all tried the Anicyle, we then went ahead to the next destination. Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience. Definitely one for the books!


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