Beauty Review: BornprettyStore 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil

I'm back with another beauty review! this is probably one of my favorite segment on my blog. I had friends asking me what I used for my brow recently because they all said it looks very natural. I'm quite flattered, but well.. it's not because of my makeup technique or whatsoever but because of the product I'm using recently.
This is the 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil from Bornprettystore that came in the mail together with the Eyeliner and Kabuki brush last December (check my review here). 

I actually thought Bornprettystore forgot to send this eyebrow kit to me because I only saw the eyeliner and brush when I first opened the package. Good thing I have not disposed the package a few days after because I just noticed it when I felt something was bulging inside when I was about to throw it. It didn't came inside a box as the usual packages I get from Bornprettystore but good thing, it was still intact and in good condition.

I love that the color is not too striking and it is buildable which makes it very easy during application. It is quite dark/black but has a medium brown tone. It is only available in this color but good thing it suits my hair tone well. 

This has an angle tip which for  me is very good for easier brow grooming. It creates thin hair streaks which makes my brow look undone and natural. And because it is 2 in 1, aside from the angled tip, it has a built in brush on other end which I totally love. It's multi-function perfect for travel and those girls like me who loves to have the "all in one kit" type of products.

This is my undone look without my eyebrows groomed. I totally look weird with my eyebrows looking naked compared to the rest of my face! And below is a photo comparing the ungroomed and groomed brows using the 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil from Bornprettystore. See the importance of brow grooming? It totally makes a whole difference.
And this is the overall finished look. I love how this Eyebrow Pencil makes my brows look natural. Thumbs up! <3

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Happy shopping!


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