Divine Mercy

 Before we went to Kampojuan, we actually went first to Divine Mercy at El Salvador. We decided to visit and drop by the Church. The last time I visited was years back and it totally looked so different now. They were able to maintain the whole place and even improve the view and landscape. 

The view is just breathtaking! Ever since before, this view has always been my favorite. The view and the overall aura of the place is so relaxing and meditating.

We arrived around 9am and the sun was so up hence our faces here. But we didn't cared about the heat because the scenery was just amazing!
And in case you didn't know, for all of you who wants to visit wear your knee length skirt or dress. Or else you'll end up looking like this. haha
It was such a good experience, something I can never ever forget! You guys should take a visit when you happen to drop by El Salvador.


  1. Where's this place? The scene looks refreshing and sacred.


    1. This is at Divine Mercy in El Salvador City, Northern Mindanao :)


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