New Year's Eve 2015

I haven't blogged during the holidays! sorry if I also didn't have the chance to at least greet you guys. The holiday break was tough! the Christmas and New Year preparation were tiresome! Christmas was full of parties! I can literally just eat wherever I want! We had school parties, family parties, church party, purok party and more! too bad I lost all my shots of those events. Hopefully I will be able to retrieve some photos . So I think I'm gonna jump right of the New Year's Eve celebration in this post.
We celebrated new year very simple. Just the five of us in the family. We prepared enough food just for "palihi" and we didn't really bothered much about it unlike before when we really have tons of food. We just decided to be practical because with all honesty Jesus is the one who can really determine and make our future, and not luck or even us.
I could say the highlight of our New Year food is the roasted pig bread at the center. We just saw it at the mall and we immediately got one! it was so cute just to be eaten!

We just actually ate all night until we were all full and decided to sleep with all our hopes that 2016 will be a better year for all of us. 


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