What I Got for Christmas 2015 / Haul

 Hey guys! what is up! How was your Christmas Celebration? I hope you had a blast! As for me, our celebration was pretty simple. My family and I just prepared a few dishes for Noche Buena and then had videoke for a couple hours just at home. I slept around 3am already! I was so tired! I'll be blogging more of that soon, when my sd card decides to cooperate with me (i had issues with my sd card- all my pictures are gone!)

Anyway, I decided to upload a Youtube video after a century! lol It's about the things I got this Christmas. I'm not bragging in anyway with the video, I just want to acknowledge and thank the wonderful people in my life and also to my sponsors. Because really, there's nothing fancy on the presents I got, it's the thought that counts! Please like and share and subscribe to my channel as well! that would be a perfect Christmas gift! also, please bear with the quality of my video. I have some issues with the editing software I used. If you guys have any recommendations with regards to good free editing software I can use, that would be a great help! Enjoy !


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