Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

New year means new start. It is the perfect excuse to refresh oneself and reflect on what happened in 2015. What are the things you need to make yourself better as a person, a friend or a daughter. It is also a very motivating time to set goals for the entire year. Whether you had a prosperous 2015 or not, here are several tips on how to make 2016 your best year ever.

· List goals & make monthly goals
The biggest tip is to have a direction on where you want to take yourself this year. Whether you want to travel to Hongkong or write a book or start a youtube channel, it’ll be all up to you. The important thing is to list them down so you’ll be able to keep track and have something to look at in times of down moments just to keep you going and motivated. I also suggest you section your goals into twelve so that you’ll have something to accomplish each month. This way, it will be easier and efficient in accomplishing all your goals.

· Have a planner
Planner will make you stay organize the entire year. I have been using planner for the past 3 years and it makes my life a whole lot better! List your goals on the first page of your planner then set your monthly goals and list your daily goals every page. This will make your life very easy! Just be sure to always check your planner. I suggest you check it the first thing in the morning to kick off your day.

· Have a memory jar
I have been wanting to do this and this year I definitely will! This is a great way to keep good memories the entire year. It will also be great to read all of them at the end of year and reminisce the wonderful moments that happened.

· Take more photos or videos
Time flies so fast! Personally, it is important for me to keep memories with photos and videos. It is always great to experience and feel the moment but it is also great to document those because memories fade easily. So photos and videos always come in handy and it will be a great thing to see old photos and videos to see how far you’ve become.

· Eat healthy
You won’t be able to do all your goals if you’re sick the entire year. The most important thing to do first and foremost is to eat healthy and stay fit!

· Be positive
Another helpful tip is to always think positive. This is so cliché but honestly, it will make your year a whole lot better even if you miss some of your goals as long as you have a positive attitude and that you know good things will come in time.


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