Hoyohoy Adventure

 So the family decided to go on a short trip to Tangub a few days ago. I actually blogged about it, in case you haven't seen it yet you can check it here. As I said, after enjoyingall the Christmas Symbols at Tangub we decided to stay the night and go for a short trip to Hoyohoy the following day. We woke up around 5am to get ready and we arrived at around 6am. 
It was a short drive from where we stayed but it was quite afraid honestly because the road going there was very steep. But all those things were worth it. Just look at the view! priceless! 
The sun was rising that time, hence our faces. lol but the wind was so
We stayed for only about an hour. It was so early and the food shop was still closed. The oldies were quite afraid to try the zipline and didn't allowed us to try either. So what we did was just take pictures and appreciate the nature.
My mom and I <3

 He also tagged along! I actually asked him to come with us because I know it will be fun and I know it will be his first time to go so yeah.. and I think he did have fun!
If you happen to stop by Tangub, don't miss to visit Hoyohoy. You will never regret the travel!


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