The Denim Jumpsuit

Hey guys! this right here is my first outfit post for 2016. It took me a while to post this because I had prior things to blog. If you notice, I've been posting like almost twice everyday for the past week and that's because I really have a ton on my drafts waiting for publication. 

But it's worth the wait! I tell you, because this jumpsuit from Fashionmia is bomb! It's my first time to rock a jumpsuit so I apologize if I kinda look awkward but I feel so good wearing it quite honestly. It was very comfy and though quite hard to pull off, I don't regret a thing about it.

If you remember, this jumpsuit was on my fashionmia wishlist and I am really glad to be able to have the opportunity to try and review this gorgeous creation. This is totally perfect for occasion and events. A few accessories here and there will do the trick! nothing much to do because the dress itself stands out already. 

I didn't really wore to much accessories because I like minimal clothing and I prefer simple dressing so.. yeah :) I just wore a simple hat and finished the look with a gorgeous pair of Milanoo shoes.

I also decided to glam up a little bit with putting some colors on my face if you can tell. haha I will make a separate post for my face of the day <3 

Anyway, you might want to check out Fashionmia for more lovely jumpsuits! and by the way, we have a blog to introduce to our fashion bloggers, like this one , join us if you are interested, have a good day!


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