Stylist Talk: Choosing the Right Jacket

People sometimes think that jackets are made just to keep you warm during the cold winter days. While that is true, warmth isn’t the only quality a good jacket should provide. After all, you’ll be spending significant part of your day in it, so it has to be comfortable and fashionable. As with every piece of clothing you are buying, you have to find the one for you, there is no one-size-fits-all jacket. If someone tries to convince you in the opposite, just remember Audrey Hepburn’s orange coat in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It looked like it was made just for her and it spoke about her. Now that we’ve established that there is more to a winter jacket than keep-us-warm function, it’s time to find the right jacket for you. Here’s what you should have in mind.

 Should you be Practical?
Sometimes, it can be all about the warmth. If you know that winter will be extremely cold or there will be some freezing days, you should have (at least as a back-up) a down filled synthetic jacket, which will be moist resistant. Now, many people (including myself) don’t like how that jacket looks on your body, but sometimes is necessary. If you want to keep your optimal temperature, but still rockin’ the fashionable jacket, opt for cropped ombre vest with down-filling. Some of them even have a moisture membrane, which is helping them endure wet weather.

Is Every Jacket for You?
 Body figure is really important when choosing all of your clothes, why would you ignore it when it comes to a coat? Flattering cuts should be kept in mind when trying on jackets. For a shorter woman, buying a long coat is an often mistake. It doesn’t elongate your figure, it just swallows you up. Curvy ladies with bigger bust should avoid double-breasted coats. Instead, you should choose leaner straight cuts, and you can get styling ideas online from many plus size friendly fashion blogs. Steer away from sheepskin too, and make sure the coat you’ve chosen looks good even when it’s open. For skinny and petite figures, belted coats work wonders. If you are very tall, don’t hide it. Accentuate your height with ankle-length coats, to add some drama into your outfits.

Trendy or Timeless?
Depending on whether you are planning to wear your coat for just this one season or a couple of next ones too, you’ll opt for trendy or classic piece. A fashionable IN coat is a good thing to have, but it shouldn’t be your primary investment if you’ll only wear it this year. If you opt for a timeless designer coat, you’ll not only look elegant but have a coat that can endure trends and years. Single-breasted or double-breasted coat will be a lasting investment. For equally timeless daywear, you can opt for duffle coat. You can find coats which offer you flexibility, by removing hoods or collars, you can get two different styles. Practical choice would be peacoats, parkas and warm padded jacket.

What about the Color?
The color will also depend on your desire to be trendy or classic. Neutral colors will transcend every trend, so if you what to fit the color into your timeless picture, choose brown, navy, beige, black or grey. If you want some drama, as above mentioned Audrey and her orange coat, you can play around with colors, such as yellow, purple, red or green. If you choose to have one of those in your wardrobe, buy at least one more neutral color (preferably dark) for day-to-day activities. There will be days when you won’t want to stand out from the crowd.
My last advice for you may sound a bit corny, but it doesn’t make it any less true: The most important quality of a coat is how good you feel in it. 


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