3 Ways to Style Flannel

Here's a random post that has already rot on my drafts. Had this for quite sometime and I wonder how I ever forgot to pot this. Anyway, here's the outfit.
I got this grey-ish black flannel on a thrift store from Cebu last year for I think P60 which is already a steal right!? You know how I love black pieces so this one caught my attention right away. I then paired it with a cute galaxy top and leather shorts from Romwe.

 With flannels or cover ups you can definitely wear it with a lot of style. As for me, like the photo above you can tuck it in your shorts, pants or skirt. But I decided not to just because my fats will burst out. lol

For cold days or nights, if you want some warmth you can layer it with any outfit you have. It will just compliment and give your look another dimension.

Another thing you can style it is by tying it around your waist like a 90's kid. This style will let you show some skin for hot summer days and will give you an edgier look

Tell me which style is your favorite :)


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