Things I love about Fall

Obviously, I don't get to experience fall from where I live. But that doesn't stop me from loving fall. I may not have experienced it myself but the festivity and including climate seems to spread here. 
Anyway, here are a couple of things I love about fall.

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It may not be as cold as what fall really feels like from the other side of the world but from where I live, it feels cold because of the frequent light to moderate rains. And that leads me to my second favorite thing about the season.

I don't have a huge collection of boots but I love having the chance to show them off. And I can only get an excuse of wearing them on rainy and cold days. 

Layers upon layers
Aside from boots, another thing I love about the climate is having the chance to layer clothes. We don't get to do that everyday or else you'll soak in sweat because of the tropic climate. But because of the colder climate, we get the chance to show our styling skills for some time. It's the perfect time to wear those unused leather jackets, scarf and sweaters.

Because of casual rain, mornings are usually colder and fresh which I always love waking up to. You know the feeling of not wanting to get up from bed like you'd want to just lay down all day? it's so rare coz doesn't happen all the time.

Hot chocolates are always better in chilly evenings! and I don't know but pies are like a must on fall. Can anyone explain that to me? lol

This is one of my most favorite thing about fall. And this is the most obvious sign that it's fall season once again. I love seeing how beautiful God's creation is. No matter it's on full bloom or about to weep, it still looks pretty and perfect. Not to mention, fall sunset is the perfect kind of sunset!

What's your favorite thing about fall!?


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