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Hey guys! It's been raining almost everyday now. I'm just halfway on my summer vacation yet the sun have already taken rest and gave its way for the rain. Too bad my summer vacation ain't the same with the current season. Anyway, if I can't go out and enjoy the sun, might as well surf the net!

Today's generation revolves around internet. No doubt right!? I'm even one of the many people who checks their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed the first thing in the morning. I actually do not know why but that's a normal thing these days, I think. Social Media has changed our lifestyle in so many ways. Be it interacting with people or by using it as a marketing strategy, it has evolved our lives so much. And as for me, yes I do use social media to advertise my blog and my shop but other than that, the internet is a great source of entertainment. The worldwide web contains billions of information that we have never known before; news, weather, history, research, entertainment, etc. 
I surf a lot, like A LOT. It may sound weird but I can't hardly live a single day without having to check any of my social media account. I sound addicted right? but naaah, I don't think so. We just have to face the fact that internet has became part of our lives now. Aside from Facebook, Instagram and Facebook the internet has way more to offer. Here are some of my favorite places in the internet to just hang out and chill.

As you all know, I started blogging way back 2011. I was in my 2nd year college I guess and I had the courage to start this blog when I stumbled upon fashion blogs and got inspired by them. From then until now, they have been my source of inspiration regarding fashion and blogging. 
 I always look out for Kryz Uy,  Camille Co and Liz Uy's new blog posts. I could still remember before when I was super super addicted in reading blogs, I always look out for new blog posts on my blogger feed almost every 15 minutes. It was summer back then and I was super bored with nothing to do so yeah.. that was my life at that time - just reading lots of blogs and of course blogging. 

I love ebay! it's were I shop the most right now . I love that it's hassle free and very affordable with so many options to choose from!

I started loving pinterest because of my love for DIY. Pinterest has so many things especially cute DIY and life hacks! Check my Pinterest board guys! follow for follow? <3

There are times when I'm not in the mood watching movies and anime and during those times I rely on my favorite gurus on youtube! Seriously like #youtubemarathon ! I have been watching Youtube videos way back since high school but it was two years ago when I got super addicted with makeup, DIY and lifetsyle videos of  Bethany, Michelle Phan, Alisha Marie, Mylifeaseva, Sierra Furtado, LaurDIY, Aspyn Ovard and our very own Filipina Youtuber Michelle Dy.  You should definitely check their channel guys! Also, my channel is pretty lame but you might want to check it too. 

Canva is my favorite online editor right now. It's very easy to use and I love their layouts and designs! It lets me juice out my inner creativity without a sweat (if you know what I mean). Show some love guys! follow me on canva :)

 This by the way is part of the blogger challenge that I haven't finished yet. So far, that's all my web favorites! I actually spend most of my time on Youtube! Tell me on the comments down below what are your web favorites so I could check them too! 

Lots of love,


  1. i watch youtube constantly and i'm getting into pinterest as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  2. i feel you sa summer pero rainy season. hahaha. mejo badtrip. lol. :)
    i hope i can get off the internet and start reading books again, paint, draw, and just do crafts. huhu. oh well.

    xoxo, rae


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