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Hey guys! I just came back from a 3day trip to Malaybalay City Bukidnon and I am so excited to share my second time in there. I haven't actually captured photos of the place (boo!) but I swear Bukidnon is so gorgeous and it makes me wanna live there because it's so peaceful and breathtaking. 
So I've been to Manila, Bukdnon and....... where to next? uhmm.. maybe Cebu!?
I love to travel and recently I've been travelling quite a bit (thanks to Usana) and I've learned so much from my mistakes on my past travels regarding packing, outfit combo and so much more! I'm no travel expert first and foremost but I just think maybe you need some help with this kind of matter so here are some tips on how to travel the world with style.

You cannot enjoy travelling when you're carrying tons of heavy bags, I SWEAR! It's good to bring only the essentials. My tip is to bring a backpack for your clothes and a small purse for your money, phone and important stuff. Also, try to avoid bringing heavy clothes and stuff.

All my things for the three day trip  fit inside my ever reliable bag!

Before you pack, first you have to plan your outfit. I suggest you reuse some pieces to avoid bringing too much. Say, reuse your jeans or jacket. The key is to mix and match items that you'll bring. Another tip is to wear the heaviest clothing you want to bring on your way and back from your destination. This is to avoid adding weight to your load when travelling and in that case, you're just carrying the light items on you bag.

 I suggest bring a jacket because you can never tell the weather and well.. it's a great comfy buddy inside cold buses and plane right? and also do not forget to bring a cute dress just in case.

You cannot bring a 100ml liquid in the plane and I bet you don't wanna carry heavy bottles of lotions, shampoo and all other essentials inside your bag right? Well, you also don't have to buy small packet items on the grocery because all you actually need are small containers. Pour some of your lotion, deodorant and shampoo that you could use for the whole trip on small empty bottles/containers of your old beauty products to save money!  

And that's pretty much it guys. I hope you got some ideas on how to pack and get ready for travels. Thanks for stopping by, till my next post!



  1. great blog!

  2. Great tips, I always over pack whenever I go on trip because I think of "what if" situations ! Last time, I went to the Philippines I packed two boxes filled with a ton of things for a 3 week vacation, haha !



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